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Electrical Testing & Inspection in Rochdale.

Regular testing and inspection of your electrical system are essential to ensure the safety, reliability, and compliance of your property in Rochdale. At Millrace Electrical, we offer comprehensive electrical testing and inspection services designed to identify potential issues, prevent electrical hazards, and keep your electrical system up to code.

Electrical faults and defects can lead to serious safety hazards, including electrical fires and electrical shocks. Routine testing and inspection help identify and address these issues before they become dangerous. Ensuring the safety of your home or business and the people within it is our top priority.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the electrical installations within a property. It’s a crucial document that helps identify potential electrical hazards and ensures that your electrical systems comply with safety standards. Our experienced electricians will provide you with a detailed report highlighting any issues and recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements.

Landlord Safety Checks

If you’re a landlord in Rochdale, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your rental properties. Our Landlord Safety Checks include electrical testing and inspection to verify that your property’s electrical system meets safety standards and is suitable for tenants.

Homebuyers Electrical Surveys

If you’re purchasing a new home in Rochdale, a Homebuyer Electrical Survey can provide peace of mind. Our survey assesses the electrical system’s condition and highlights any potential issues, allowing you to make an informed decision before finalising your property purchase.

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How often should I schedule electrical testing and inspection for my property?

The frequency of electrical testing and inspection depends on the type of property and its intended use. For residential properties, it is generally recommended to have a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) conducted every 10 years.

However, for commercial and industrial properties, testing may need to be more frequent, typically every 5 years. Landlords should also consider annual Landlord Safety Checks to ensure the safety of their rental properties.

What should I expect during an electrical testing and inspection?

During an electrical testing and inspection, a qualified electrician will thoroughly examine your property's electrical installation. This includes checking the condition of wiring, sockets, switches, and other electrical components.

They will also assess the effectiveness of earthing and bonding, identify any potential hazards or defects, and ensure compliance with current regulations. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report outlining the findings and any recommended actions, such as necessary repairs or improvements.

Can I conduct electrical testing and inspection on my own?

It is not advisable to conduct electrical testing and inspection on your own, as it requires specialised knowledge and equipment. DIY electrical work can be dangerous and may result in serious accidents or damage to your property.

It's essential to hire a qualified and experienced electrician to perform testing and inspection services. They have the expertise to safely assess your electrical system, identify issues, and provide professional recommendations. Hiring a certified electrician ensures that the inspection is conducted accurately and in compliance with industry standards and regulations.